Thursday, December 29, 2005

Anxiousness in a Long Wait……..

Last week, was one of important and crucial week in my career. A lot of time had been spent for that crucial assignment and it had to be implemented in the Live scenario, so that the customer would have a first hand impact of our team’s handwork.

I was anxiously waiting at my desk for the phone call. It has been a long wait for almost four hours, but there were no signs of any information. Thoughts were flowing about every possibility. I felt ghosts from the past re-appearing….the long wait for my 10th results, the wait for my girl friend, wait for the tickets for our favorite hero’s films….a never ending list

After sometime, my PM came said in a grim voice that there’s a video conference with the customer (it seems the CTO of the customer is participating)…Myself and my PM were waiting near the Video conference hall, which was attended by all the big heads of my department…..

We were so anxious, b’cos the success of this module would spurn more business to our company…we were made to wait for almost an hour and finally we were invited into hall…the only thing which I heard was from the mouth of the CTO of the company…”So, you were the PM and tech lead for this project….”. We replied positively. And he said...”You have snatched the new bugs into your kitty………” that’s it the call ended and we were unable to believe that we were awarded a project that generates 10 times revenue as the present one….

The next sight was our whole teams of 6 people were dancing in the golf ground we have in our company fully drenched in rain….the last time I felt such a excitement was during my final year in college where we didn’t not only ourselves but also got a job for another 40 people……

Monday, December 26, 2005

We never know what we miss....!

Today, has been a wonderful day in my life….for the last four years I have been working in such an odd timing that I never had a chance to see the rising sun. When I used to be in college and schools, I used to get up so early in the morning and disturb other’s sleep and was so fascinated by the early sun’s rays…along with my grandfather I used to perform morning “Surya namaskram” and take bath at the well at our home’s backyard.

Today, for the first time saw the rising sun while traveling to office and felt show much I missed all those wonderful things in life…bird’s chirping, the chill breeze, the fight in getting a bed coffee from your mom, the crying of a child for going to school, mother’s hercularian task in preparing the family for Office and schools, little kids with their monster bags waiting for school bus, refreshing faces and lots more….

I felt I missed a lot in the last 4 years. Sometimes, we never know, what we had missed unless we get it again…….!