Friday, January 27, 2006

How do you feel to work on a Holiday..!

We all do a dog work from to Monday to Friday and everyone look forward for the weekend like a child expecting a candy. We enjoy the most on the weekends with our loved ones doing what we like the most. And again on Monday like a child crying for going to school, we hesitatingly start our dog-work again.

What happens if we get a national holiday like Jan 26 this year? Few firms have declared holidays on Friday, so 4 days weekend. We get very few opportunities like this to enjoi. And how do we feel when we are asked to complete an assignment during this period. It shucks…! This happened to me on this wonderful long weekend.

Its awful to alone on a floor where around 300 people can sit. All my friends were planning for something special and I used to ask “Why only me?”.

Last week I read a good post called “Why me?” hoping that I’m destined for something special after this week…!

Monday, January 23, 2006


I never felt this way for my entire life till one day…I learnt through the hardest way that we don’t know the value of person, unless we lose them. I learnt when I lost my father…I too realized when my lost my dearest pet (tiger, a Labrador). But, last few years have been much painful…I came so far away from my home, that there are no family members or my good old friends…got lots of people who are good but, not a friend like the one in my schools n colleges.

I felt really bad staying so far, earning so much money, accolades but not even a close friend to share the real happiness…But, those years in isolation really made me strong as person. I felt its a blessing in disguise. There’s no one to share my success or a shoulder to cry. I came back to my place and found that therel happiness lies in sharing everything you have with yours…

I learnt one more time, “You never know what you miss, until you lose it” and surely, one can lose most of the things in life, but NOT FRIENDS!, it would one’s greatest loss.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Friady Blues...

Usually, I don’t like to work on Fridays…! Friday being the last working day of the week, its meant for enjoying the climate and plan for the party for that night-out. But, I always have been on the other side, getting crucial work to be completed on that same day…

This what happened on one such Friday…Once of my friend, had invited me for a party after a long fight we had last week. I know, we both knew who the culprit is, but still hesitant to reconcile. She finally gave up, and spoke to me and decided that we would have our dinner together. She was a very good friend of mine (like the same 4:00 AM friend as per Sayesha). We have good memories of our friendship…..I was planning all the evening, how to surprise her…! Suddenly, the Devil (Sorry, not my Manager) entered the scene and I was handed over a urgent work to be completed before the end of that Day…(ha ha… it was 4:45 PM, and work ends by 5:00PM, then what is meant by End Of Day).

That day, I had to miss that dinner and again a long fight for almost a month….with her..

This was supposed to happen on another Friday….this time, I don’t want to be hit by the Devil,,,,so decided that I would keep my Jacket of my chair and would leave office by 4:00 PM, so that my manager would think that I’m still around. For this I spent money in buying another jacket also…first time I escaped and had a big party…but, the next time, my manager became very smart and handed over the task by 3:00 PM itself….need to find another way to escape……..

This continued for a while, until I found a perfect way of avoiding this…I started to work on late Fridays to escape from this FRIDAY BLUES…………..?!?!?!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


The normal practice in almost all the team will be a treat for a successful completion of a task in a project. As far as our project is concerned, each task will be evaluated by the customer. Couple of months ago, few new people joined our project. After initial phase, they started to work on task independently. Myself, along with my PL, thought of a plan and were getting treats from the new guys. I used to convince people, to give treats even for the simplest stuffs, like getting assigned the first independent task…I used to make others “Bakra”, and somehow convince them for a treat….so naturally, others were eyeing me and even tried for couple of times, but you know, it’s not that much easy to make me Bakra, until one fine….

There was a girl, in our floor, possibly the most beautiful in our while building (out of around 150 girls). Everyone (including me…) were longing for a chance to chat with her…but, she happens to be pretty orthodox type, reserve in nature….There was a guy, who used to sit, close the cabin of that girls…My crooked brain cooked up a plan for a treat…It was Friday, and it was ethnic day celebrations and I proposed a plan, the guy should give a treat to the whole team, with whom the girl speaks first on the day…..

And, I was pretty confident of a guy, who used to chat with her frequently…but, what happened was a total shock to me…It was appraisal time, and I was preparing for the appraisal, so had given print-outs…to my shock, she too had given the print-outs and had taken print-out’s of mine, by mistake.

My enemies (the whole team), had planned for a treat from mine, that girl came to me to hand-over the sheets…On that day, I was made the bakra and had to give a big treat to these Guys, including that girl….

But, you know, luck favors the brave, and what happened in the next few months, really made our team to envy me. After couple of months, I thanked my team, for getting a wonderful friend in HER………………….

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Films and our Life….

On the other day, I was going through other blog sites and was reading the blogs and comments about films inspiring our life and various comments, both positively and negatively.

Today, we get to se almost a film everyday…but very few have made impact on our life…One thing which I have noticed is that, whenever the film depicts a hero/heroine which resembles the closest to our happenings in life, we tend to get impacted by it…

Don’t know how many people would have got touched by “Autograph”, “Pitha magan” or for the latest “Davamai Davamirundhu”. Couple of films which I though have changed the way I perceive life was “Anjali” and the holly wood film “Cast Away”…or for the latest “Parineeta”

There were lots of films which I believe would have got appreciation from people, but very few which can touch people’s heart. No matter, how may “Murder’s” or “James” get released and make huge bucks in the box-office, there would be very few films or plays which will last in people’s minds forever…