Monday, January 23, 2006


I never felt this way for my entire life till one day…I learnt through the hardest way that we don’t know the value of person, unless we lose them. I learnt when I lost my father…I too realized when my lost my dearest pet (tiger, a Labrador). But, last few years have been much painful…I came so far away from my home, that there are no family members or my good old friends…got lots of people who are good but, not a friend like the one in my schools n colleges.

I felt really bad staying so far, earning so much money, accolades but not even a close friend to share the real happiness…But, those years in isolation really made me strong as person. I felt its a blessing in disguise. There’s no one to share my success or a shoulder to cry. I came back to my place and found that therel happiness lies in sharing everything you have with yours…

I learnt one more time, “You never know what you miss, until you lose it” and surely, one can lose most of the things in life, but NOT FRIENDS!, it would one’s greatest loss.


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